Terms & Conditions

Australia Digital Marketing Solutions is trading under Australia Digital Marketing Consulting Group Pty Ltd

Growth Hive Marketing is trading under Rangkaian Muda Sdn Bhd (Company No: 226169-X)

  1. Acceptance of our services, information and products is acceptance of our full Terms & Conditions. 
  2. Any estimate is valid for One (1) month from the date of the estimate.
  3. Any estimate or quotation is valid upon signing the estimate or quotation or email confirmation and an official purchase order or letter of appointment is required, failing which the estimate or quotation acts as an official purchase order.
  4. Upfront advance payment for each item is to be collected upon provided a signed or accepted estimate or quotation. The monthly service fee must be paid at the beginning of the month, whichever comes first. Late payment will incur a monthly 10% interest penalty.
  5. 50% deposit is required upon commencement of any once-off or fixed projects. All deposit is non-refundable once work has commenced.
  6. A minimum fee of 60% of the total will be charged if creative development has been abandoned halfway.
  7. The above items are to be completed within the duration of six (6) months from the date of appointment or signing.
  8. 30 Days Notice is required for termination or cease of contract.
  9. The above excludes digital transmission, proofing, photography, courier services, printing cost, stock image, website hosting, all advertisement fee or budget or expenditure on any of the platforms listed below :
    Google, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, YouTube is not included.
    Any 3rd party cost unless stated otherwise. Any graphic designs quoted are for direct printing only; the client must provide high-resolution final artwork for direct printing purposes. Additional costs will be charged if there is a requirement to touch up or edit artwork.
  10. Any amount quoted or estimated is excluding service tax which will be included in the Final Invoice unless otherwise stated.
  11. All Design, Creative & Content Creation has a maximum of 2 Major Revisions and 2 Minor Revisions. Additional Revisions will be charged according to job scope.
  12. The quotation or estimate will serve as a base price and the final invoice may differ depending on the client’s requirements. Any increase in price will be clearly communicated to the client via Whatsapp or Email.
  13. Growth Hive Marketing will set up a new AdWords account for the Client. We will have sole access and retain ownership of the new AdWords account. Growth Hive Marketing will endeavour to spend the predetermined Budget or click cost budget each month. Growth Hive Marketing will not be liable for any under or overspending.
  14. Plugins, Google and Facebook Expenditure, Cloud storage, Content, Images, Videos and Monthly Website Domain is not included unless otherwise stated. Prices will range depending on the content and images provided by the client.
  15. Any payment paid is non-refundable.
  16. Please give a minimum of four business days from date of deposit or receiving the job scope. Otherwise, there could be a 25% surcharge.
  17. The prices mentioned above are for items being ordered at the same time. If the deposit has been received, items cannot be substituted or cancelled.
  18. Client Feedback/Changes Policy: Client feedback/changes that are not initially briefed and necessitate layout/design changes will incur additional fees. Any adjustments made after the FA has been dispatched would incur an hourly fee at the regular rate.
  19. Copywriting/editing services are quoted separately and are not included.